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September 15, 2014

The Brown Bag Challenge II- Pringle Pod

I always thought that the Egg Drop was a really cool project.  You know, the one where you design a protective pod for a raw egg and then drop it from a balcony to see if it worked?  Fantastic...until you factor in the children and well, the actual raw eggs.  Then it all goes downhill rather fast.

So I've been thinking of ways to modify this activity so that it is more sanitary and less messy. Voila! Pringle Pod.

Found Objects such as paper towel rolls, bubble wrap, etc.
Measuring Tape, Seamstress Tape
Pringles brand potato chips (because they are uniform in size and shape)

Students work in pairs or teams to construct a protective pod for their pringle.  Students' designs must not exceed 3 inches in any one direction and they may not modify the chip or coat it.

Because this of modification of using a pringle in lieu of an egg,  it is not necessary to drop the pods from a very large height.  I like to have students drop their designs from increasing heights starting with 1 foot.  Once they reach a failure point, they can redesign to see if they can beat their best height.

So, what did we learn? 
Next Generation Science Standards: SEP- s, Defining Problems, Analyzing and Interpreting Data; CCC- Patterns, Cause and Effect

CCSS Math: Cause and Effect, Scale, Proportion and Quantity, Measurement and Data,Expressions and Equations

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